Author name: Bushcraft Charlie

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Bushcraft Charlie first developed his wilderness and survival skills in the suburbs of Maryland. After relocating to Montana, he's continued to spend time outdoors - hiking the Rocky Mountains and practicing bushcraft skills like shelter building and fire making.

How to Start a Fire Without Matches

Don’t rely on matches. Learn foolproof methods to start a fire using friction, sunlight, batteries and more with this expert guide on how to start a fire without matches.

Places to Practice Bushcraft Skills

Looking for the best places to practice bushcraft skills? This comprehensive guide covers the top spots across America to begin honing bushcraft skills like foraging, tracking, shelter building, and wilderness navigation as a beginner. Learn how to start safely and responsibly.

How to Choose Snowshoes

How to Choose Snowshoes: Complete Guide

Learn how to pick the best snowshoes for your winter adventures. We cover everything from snowshoe types, sizing, key features, top models, and budget tips to get the ideal fit, performance and durability.

How to Host the Ultimate Tailgate Party

If you want to host a truly epic tailgate party, follow this comprehensive guide covering every detail – from packing gear to decorating your space to cooking crowd-pleasing foods. With these pro planning tips and essential info, you’ll have the knowledge to host a tailgate party that people will rave about for seasons to come.

Deer Hunting: Guide for New and Experienced Hunters

This complete guide helps beginners and experienced hunters have a more successful deer hunting. Learn tips for choosing gear, scouting locations, proper shot placement, field dressing, and processing your harvest into venison.

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