About Bushcraft Base Camp

Welcome to Bushcraft Base Camp, your one-stop shop for everything outdoors! We’re a passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts who want to share our love of the outdoors with you. Whether you’re a seasoned bushcrafter, avid camper or skier, or simply enjoy weekend fishing trips, we’ve got the gear and the knowledge to make your adventures into the wilderness unforgettable.

The Bushcraft Base Camp Story

Bushcraft Base Camp was founded in 2019 by “Bushcraft Charlie,” an avid outdoorsman experienced in bushcraft, hiking, and survival skills. Tired of the city grind, he traded the hustle and bustle of the DC area for the tranquil beauty of the Rocky Mountains of Montana. It was here, amidst the towering peaks and whispering pines, that Bushcraft Base Camp was born. Charlie’s mission: to help others experience the thrill and freedom of the outdoors, equipped with the right gear and expert advice.

Your Trusted Outdoor Outfitters

We launched Bushcraft Base Camp as an online resource and gear shop for people interested getting outdoors. Our goal is to help you get equipped with the best selection of quality outdoor gear. We curate the best outdoor brands with competitive prices, ensuring you find gear that fits your budget. From bushcraft knives and camping tents to backpacking packs, fishing gear, and snowshoes – if it’s essential for your adventure, you’ll find it here.

Gear Guides, How-Tos, and Inspiration

At Bushcraft Base Camp, we believe knowledge is power. Our outdoor lifestyle magazine offers valuable resources, featuring in-depth gear guides, bushcraft tutorials, survival tips, and inspiring destination guides. Our content helps you master your skills, discover new adventures, and truly embrace the outdoor life.

Ready to Explore?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned pro, we invite you to explore Bushcraft Base Camp and let us help you achieve confidence and self-reliance in the great outdoors. Please reach out anytime with questions or comments – we love hearing from fellow outdoor lovers!

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