Moosejaw Coolers - Built for Adventure

The Outdoor Heat Ruining Your Refreshments?
Keep Food and Drinks Ice Cold for Days

Say goodbye to warm food and melted ice. Built for rugged durability using heavy-duty rotomolded construction, Moosejaw coolers retain ice for days thanks to up to 3 inches of insulation. Moosejaw coolers can handle even the toughest outdoor adventures while keeping food and beverages frosty cold.

Moosejaw Hard Coolers

Moosejaw’s rugged rotomolded hard coolers are built for extreme durability and ice retention. With up to 3 inches of insulation and a freezer-style gasket, these hard-sided coolers keep ice frozen for days at a time. Moosejaw hard coolers come in a range of sizes to meet your needs for any adventure.

Moosejaw Ice Fort 50-Quart Hard Cooler

Moosejaw Ice Fort 50-Quart Hard Cooler

$199.00   $249.00

Capacity: 72 cans / 50 lbs. ice
Weight (empty): 29.83 lbs.
Ice Retention: ~5 days
Color: Snow, Galactic Blue

Moosejaw Ice Fort 55-Quart Rolling Hard Cooler

Moosejaw Ice Fort 55-Quart Rolling Hard Cooler

$239.20   $299.00

Capacity: 78 cans / 55 lbs. ice
Weight (empty): 33.75 lbs.
Ice Retention: ~5.5 days
Colors: Snow

Moosejaw Ice Fort 25-Quart Hard Cooler

Moosejaw Ice Fort 25-Quart Hard Cooler

$119.20   $149.00

Capacity: 36 cans / 50 lbs. ice
Weight (empty): 25 lbs.
Ice Retention: ~5 days
Colors: Snow, Galactic Blue

Why Choose Moosejaw Hard Coolers?

When you need a cooler built for adventure, Moosejaw delivers durability, ice retention, and versatility.

Moosejaw Hard Cooler Features

  • Rugged rotomolded construction built to withstand the toughest terrain and conditions
  • Up to 3.5″ of insulation keeps ice frozen for 5+ days even on extended trips
  • Commercial-grade gasket creates an air-tight seal to lock in cold
  • Shoulder ropes, molded handles, wheels and cart handle for easy transport
  • Microban® antimicrobial lining prevents bacteria and odors
  • Exterior shell is made with post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Range of sizes from 25 to 55 quarts to meet your cooling needs
  • Industry-leading 5 year limited warranty

Moosejaw Soft Coolers

When you need portable, flexible cooling, Moosejaw soft coolers fit the bill. Made with tough, waterproof exteriors and closed cell foam insulation, Moosejaw soft-sided coolers keep food and drinks chilled while providing packable, lightweight performance. Moosejaw soft coolers are perfect for day trips, picnics, and light packing.

Moosejaw Chilladilla 24 Can Soft-Sided Backpack Cooler

Moosejaw Chilladilla 24 Can Soft-Sided Backpack Cooler

$119.20   $149.00

Capacity: 24 cans / 22 lbs. ice
Weight (empty): 4.83 lbs.
Ice Retention: 2 days
Colors: Graphite, Midnight

Moosejaw Chilladilla 36 Can Leakproof Soft-Sided Cooler

Moosejaw Chilladilla 36 Can Soft-Sided Cooler

$103.20   $129.00

Capacity: 36 cans / 25 lbs. ice
Weight (empty): 10.6 lbs.
Ice Retention : 2 days
Colors: Graphite, Midnight

Moosejaw Chilladilla 42 Can Soft-Sided Cooler Tote

Moosejaw Chilladilla 42 Can Soft-Sided Cooler Tote

$135.20   $169.00

Capacity: 42 cans / 32 lbs. ice
Weight (empty): 4.17 lbs.
Ice Retention: 2 days
Colors: Graphite, Midnight

Why Choose Moosejaw Soft-Sided Coolers?

Moosejaw Soft-Sided Cooler Features

When you need lightweight, packable cooling power, Moosejaw soft coolers deliver.

  • Ultra-portable and lightweight for easy transport anywhere
  • Leakproof zippers and welded exteriors keep contents cold and dry
  • Closed cell foam insulation maintains ice 1-2 days
  • Microban® antimicrobial lining prevents bacteria and keeps contents fresh
  • Wide openings and exterior pockets allow quick access
  • Padded straps and multiple handles for carry comfort
  • Durable ripstop nylon withstands rugged use trip after trip
  • Eco-friendly construction using recycled fishing nets and plastics

Moosejaw soft coolers provide the perfect blend of cooling performance, packable portability, and rugged durability.

How Moosejaw Coolers Compare

When it comes to ice retention, durability, and versatility, see how Moosejaw stacks up against major cooler brands:

CoolerCapacityIce RetentionSizeEmpty WeightWarrantyPrice
Moosejaw Ice Fort 50Q50 quarts~5 days28.75″W x 17.44″D X 16.81″H29.83 lbs.5 years$$
Yeti Tundra 4535 quarts5-6 days25.6″W x 15.9″D x 15.5″H24.6 lbs.5 years$$$
Orca 4040 quartsUp to 10 days26.25″W x 18.166″D x 17.63″H30 lbs.Lifetime$$$
Pelican Elite 4545 quartsUp to 10 days29.66″W x 20″D x 19.25″H37.25 lbs.Lifetime$$$$
Coleman Reunion 5454 quarts4 days24.375″W x 16.250″D x 19.125″H18.38 lbs.1 year$$
Cooler Comparison Chart

Moosejaw Cooler FAQs

Q: How long will a Moosejaw cooler keep ice frozen?

A: Moosejaw hard coolers will keep ice intact for 5-6 days. Soft coolers will maintain ice 1-2 days.

Q: Are Moosejaw coolers bear proof?

A: No, Moosejaw coolers are not certified bear proof. For proven bear-proof performance, bear-proof coolers or canisters are recommended.

Q: What sizes are available?

A: Moosejaw offers a range of hard cooler sizes from 25 quarts up to 55 quarts. Soft coolers range from 22 quarts to 36 quarts.

Q: Do Moosejaw coolers have drainage plugs?

A: Yes, all Moosejaw hard coolers feature a drainage plug with tether.

Q: Does Moosejaw offer cooler accessories?

A: Yes! Moosejaw has an extensive line of compatible cooler accessories.

Q: Do Moosejaw coolers ever go on sale?

A: Yes. Moosejaw runs limited-time discounts and specials on their website.

Q: What’s the warranty for Moosejaw coolers?

A: Moosejaw hard coolers are backed by a 5 year limited warranty. Soft coolers have a 3 year limited warranty.

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