Moosejaw Cooler Review: Is the Ice Fort Cooler Worth the Hype?

Moosejaw is a popular outdoor retailer that offers a wide variety of gear, including coolers. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, a beach day, or a backyard barbecue, the Moosejaw Ice Fort coolers are known for their durability, affordability, and long-lasting ice retention. From its sturdy build to its impressive cooling performance, Moosejaw coolers are an essential companion for all your outdoor adventures. In this Moosejaw cooler review, we’ll dig into Moosejaw Ice Fort Coolers, their features, benefits, and customer reviews.

Moosejaw Iron Fort Coolers

Price: $149.00 – $299
Capacities: 25, 50, 55-quart
Weight: 16.1 lbs (25 quart) – 33.75 lbs (55 quart)

What we like: Superior ice retention and durable construction
What we don’t: Not ideal for lightweight camping

Moosejaw Ice Fort 55-Quart Rolling Hard Cooler

Moosejaw Cooler Features

Moosejaw coolers are made with high-quality materials, including rotomolded polyethylene construction and a thick layer of insulation. This makes them durable enough to withstand even the most demanding outdoor conditions.

The Ice Fort coolers also have a number of features that make them easy to use and convenient. For example, they have a wide opening that makes it easy to load and unload food and drinks. They also have an integrated drain plug that makes it easy to empty the cooler after use.

Moosejaw coolers stand out from the competition due to their exceptional build quality, innovative features, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Moosejaw designed their coolers to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, making them an ideal choice for spending time outdoors.

Superior Insulation

Moosejaw coolers utilize advanced insulation technology that keeps your contents cold for extended periods. The high-quality insulation material, combined with an airtight seal, ensures maximum ice retention, even in scorching temperatures.

Rugged Construction

Moosejaw Iron Fort Coolers are made using roto-molded, one-piece construction. These coolers are built to withstand rough handling and endure the rigors of outdoor adventures. Metal parts are corrosion resistant to help them withstand harsh weather and the elements. Additionally, these coolers feature sturdy handles and integrated tie-down points, making them easy to carry and secure during your adventures.

Ice Retention

One of the best things about Moosejaw Ice Fort coolers is their long-lasting ice retention. With up to 3.5″ of high performance insulation, these coolers can retain ice for over 5 days at a 50/50 ice-to-can ratio. This means your drinks and food will stay refreshingly cold for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy your outings without worrying about ice melting quickly.

Secure Latches

To prevent any accidental spills or wildlife encounters, Moosejaw coolers come with a secure locking mechanism. The robust latches ensure that the cooler remains tightly sealed, keeping your perishables secure and your adventures worry-free.

Easy Drainage System

Moosejaw coolers feature a built-in drainage port with an interior tether. This user-friendly drainage system that makes draining, emptying and cleaning your cooler easier than ever.


The 55-quart Moosejaw Cooler offers improved portability with their 9″ no-flat tires with stainless steel bearings. These rugged wheels are designed to tackle rough terrain effortlessly, ensuring smooth transportation even on challenging surfaces. Say goodbye to struggling with a heavy cooler while navigating uneven paths—let the Ice Fort™ Rolling Hard Cooler glide along effortlessly.

Moosejaw Ice Fort Rolling Cooler Wheel

Moosejaw Cooler Sizes and Capacity

Moosejaw offers a range of cooler sizes to suit different needs. From compact options for day trips to larger coolers for extended camping excursions, you can find the perfect size to accommodate your refreshments. The capacity varies, allowing you to choose the ideal cooler based on the duration and number of people on your outdoor adventure.

Moosejaw coolers come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs. The smallest Moosejaw Ice Fort Hard Cooler offers a 25-quart capacity, which can hold up to 36 cans. The largest Moosejaw cooler is the 55-quart Ice Quart model, which can hold up to 78 12-oz cans.

Number of Cans (12 oz)Pounds of IceWeight (Empty)Ice Retention
(50% ice, 50% cans)
Moosejaw Ice Fort 50-Quart Hard Cooler7250 lbs29.83 lbs~5 days
Moosejaw Ice Fort 55-Quart Rolling Hard Cooler7855 lbs33.75 lbs~5.5 days
Moosejaw Ice Fort 25-Quart Hard Cooler3625 lbs16.1 lbs~3 days
Moosejaw Ice Fort Cooler Capacity Comparison Chart

How Moosejaw Ice Fort Coolers Maintain Optimal Cooling

Moosejaw coolers utilize a combination of insulation and sealing techniques to maintain optimal cooling performance. The thick insulation walls, along with a freezer-grade gasket, create an airtight seal that minimizes heat transfer. This ensures that your ice stays frozen, and your drinks and snacks remain refreshingly cool even if you’re outside in warm weather.

Who Should Buy a Moosejaw Cooler?

Moosejaw coolers are a great choice for anyone who wants a durable and affordable cooler to keep their food nicely chilled. They are perfect for people who go on camping trips, fishing trips, or other outdoor adventures. They are also a good choice for people who want a cooler for tailgating or other events. Keep in mind, that Moosejaw hard coolers are not designed to be lightweight coolers. An insulated backpack cooler or soft-sided cooler is better for trips where you have to physically carry things over long distances.

Where to Buy Moosejaw Iron Fort Coolers

You can conveniently buy Moosejaw coolers from the Moosejaw website. Select Moosejaw coolers are also available from

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FAQs about Moosejaw Coolers

Q: How long does ice last in a Moosejaw cooler?

A: In tests, the Ice Fort coolers have been shown to keep ice for up to 5 days with a 50/50 water-to-ice ratio. The actual ice retention time you have will vary depending on the ambient temperature and how much ice you use.

Q: What are the different sizes of Moosejaw coolers?

A: Moosejaw Ice Fort coolers come in 25-quart, 50-quart, and 55-quart sizes. The smallest cooler can hold up to 36 12-oz cans and the largest cooler can hold up to 78 cans.

Q: How much do Moosejaw coolers cost?

A: Moosejaw coolers are a great value for the price. The 25-quart model starts at $149, the 50-quart cooler is $249, and the wheeled 55-quart cooler costs $299. These coolers do go on sale on the Moosejaw website.

Q: Are Moosejaw coolers bear-resistant?

No, Moosejaw coolers are not bear-resistant. Browse our bear-proof canisters for additional options.

Q: Do Moosejaw coolers come with a warranty?

Yes, Moosejaw coolers come with a limited 5-year warranty.

Moosejaw Cooler Reviews from other customers:

All three of the Moosejaw Iron Fort Coolers receive high praise and ratings from customers who have purchased the coolers and put them to the test.

Read a few other Moosejaw cooler reviews:

This cooler is exactly what I needed. At half the price of the competition, it will not disappoint. Recently took this out for a trip adding one large bag of ice and 4 days later still had ice and the drinks were still ice cold! Don’t hesitate to purchase!

– MD1985

This is the one you want for family car camping and picnics. As well made as any out there, and incredibly sturdy. Don’t waste your money on cheap junk. This one works!

– Dave

Bought the 50 quart took it camping along with my 65 quart yeti and my 35 quart yeti . It out performed both . Held ice longer I am impressed


Moosejaw Cooler Review: Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a great cooler, I highly recommend checking out Moosejaw coolers. They offer a variety of sizes and features to fit your needs. Plus Moosejaw coolers are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Moosejaw coolers are an excellent choice due to durability, insulation performance, and ice retention. Designed to withstand harsh temperatures, these coolers ensure that your food and beverages stay refreshingly cool for days. So, gear up and embark on your next adventure with a Moosejaw cooler by your side!

Ready to experience the refreshing difference of a Moosejaw cooler? Visit the Moosejaw website today to learn more about their coolers and to order yours!

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  1. I purchased one of these coolers 3-4 months ago and have been very happy with the way it maintains ice if prepped the night before use. I use in the gulf coast of south texas, i recently came home from Rockport and I was cleaning all my equipment up as I am 74yrs old and was taught to take care of what you pay good money for and I noticed a hairline crack in front right outside corner of the cooler, very disappointed in this product right now considering how long I have had it. The crack begins below the front right handle pin and angles downward approximately12.5 inches toward the bottom of cooler.

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