Z Man Pro Crawz Soft Craw Bait – Bama Bug


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Z Man Pro Crawz Soft Craw Bait – By overwhelming customer demand, the Z Man Pro Crawz Soft Craw Bait equips anglers with an upsized version of the popular TRD CrawZ. The Z Man Pro Crawz Soft Craw Bait’s bulked up ElaZtech(R) claws are super-buoyant to float up at rest, displaying a crayfish’s natural defensive posture. Anatomical realism continues with tucked under tail, bulbous crayfish eyes and natural swimmerets for secondary elements of underwater animation. This craw bait is Ideal as a jig trailer for flipping or punching, as well as Texas rigging. Features: Upsized version of popular TRD CrawZ(TM) in response to overwhelming customer demand Realistic body features tucked under tail and oversized pincers Naturally buoyant ElaZtech(R) material allows claws to float up at rest in natural defensive posture Also ideal for flipping, punching, jig trailer, Texas rigging, and a variety of other applications

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