Z Man Finesse BulletZ Jighead – Black 1/6oz


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Z Man Finesse BulletZ Jighead – When the going gets tough, the tough go to the Ned Rig; however, traditional mushroom-shaped jigheads associated with this ultra-finesse technique are far from ideal for fishing in snaggy areas like around grass, weeds, brush, and laydowns. Enter the Finesse BulletZ, the perfect snag-free option for deploying small finesse baits around cover. Its bullet shaped head and recessed hook eye slide through all types cover easily, while the compact, heavy-duty size 1 custom VMC EWG jig hook is small enough to fit baits in the TRD family, but has the power to horse big fish away from hazards. Finesse BulletZ are made in the USA with an ultra-tough powdercoat finish and a molded-in keeper that keeps baits pinned perfectly in place. Snag-Free Bullet Shaped Jighead Ideal for use with Popular ElaZtech Finesse Baits Built Around a Custom Size 1 Extra Wide Gap VMC Jig Hook that Offers Excellent Strength Molded Keeper Holds ElaZtech Softbaits Securely, Prevents Slipping, and Makes for Wuick, Easy Rigging

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