Z Man CrossEyeZ Snakehead Swim Jig – Pearl Ghost 3/8oz


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Z Man CrossEyeZ Snakehead Swim Jig – The brainchild of jig fishing savant David Walker latest installment in the heralded CrossEyeZ Jig lineup, the Snakehead Swim Jig takes a cue from mother nature with a head design modeled after that of a snake to allow it to come through grass and cover easily. Like other jigs in the CrossEyeZ jig family, this jig features nothing but the best components and construction and is made from a super-hard virgin lead alloy that prevents denting and paint chipping. Built on a heavy duty 4/0 VMC flipping hook, the CrossEyeZ Snakehead Swim Jig boasts a molded plastic split-grip keeper that grips all types of plastic trailers securely without affecting the perfect balance of the jig, along with skirt patterns designed by David himself that are hand-tied with copper wire for extreme longevity. Head Shape Modeled After a Snake Head, Allowing it to Slither Through Grass and Other Cover Cleanly Flat Underside Allows Jig to Plane Up on the Retrieve, Allowing the use of Heavier Weights for Longer Casts Split Grip Keeper Holds all Types of Soft Plastic Trailers Securely, Including 10X Tough ElaZtech Softbaits 100% Silicone Skirts in an Array of Popular Patterns Hand-Tied with Copper Wire Built Around a 4/0 Heavy-Duty, Black Nickel VMC Hook

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