Z-Man ChatterBait Freedom CFL Bladed Jig – PB&J


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Z-Man ChatterBait Freedom CFL Bladed Jig – Merging the patented Z-Man bladed jig and Freedom Tackle interchangeable, swinging hook designs, this football head bladed jig opens a world of opportunity for anglers! Molded from zinc for enhanced durability and a unique sound profile, this vibrating jig that stays down even on the fastest retrieves and makes maximum bottom contact on slow dragging retrieves. The CFL is armed with a heavy-duty VMC flipping hook, custom trailer keeper, and spider cut skirt for enhanced fish-catching ability. Football shaped head for maximum head-to-blade contact on the retrieve and improved snag resistance on rocky bottoms Swinging hook design for maximum bait and trailer action Patented Freedom hook release for easy hook changes Heavy duty VMC flipping hook with custom skirt retainer and trailer keeper Lead-free zinc construction creates a unique sound when blade strikes head Unique design prevents bait from rising to the surface, even on fast retrieves Stainless ChatterBlade and super-strong quick clip line-tie Spider cut silicone skirting

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