Yum Ned Soft Minnow Bait – Green Pumpkin/Copper


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Yum Ned Minnow Ned Rig Bait – Craws, stick baits, and creatures are all great options for the Ned rig, but how about a minnow that stands on the bottom to mimic a baitfish feeding? That’s exactly what you get with a Yum Ned Soft Minnow Bait. Designed to mimic a small baitfish feeding on the bottom, the Yum Ned Soft Minnow Bait provides a realistic sized forage option for your Ned rigs. The bait is purposefully designed so the tail floats higher so it is in a head-down feeding position – making it easy prey for predators. Use medium action spinning gear and 6-8lb line to get the most action possible out of the lure. It also excels when drop shotting and vertical jigging as well. Most realistic Ned Minnow on the market Multiple rigging options – Ned, drop shot or vertical jigging Specially-formulated plastic floats which make the bait stand up to mimic a feeding baitfish

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