YETO Portable Air Conditioner 1800BTU Compact Air Cooler


Compact Portable Air Conditioner?’Portable and convenient, only 11.5lb (5.2kg) in weight. The size is 9.5*13.8*9.6 inches&c…

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Compact Portable Air Conditioner?’Portable and convenient, only 11.5lb (5.2kg) in weight. The size is 9.5*13.8*9.6 inches, and it uses a Panasonic compressor to provide comfortable cooling with strong cold wind. Cooling capacity 0.53kW, suitable for 1-3 person tentsSuper Large Air Outlet, Long-distance Blowing?’ 6 levels of wind speed are adjustable and can be used according to different air volume requirements. The maximum air volume of level 6 reaches about 8.3m/s.4-IN-1?’ 6 Modes: cooling, strong cooling, ventilation, sleep, dehumidification, and lighting. It can be used as a refrigerator in summer to keep you cool; it can be used as a fan in spring and autumn; it can be used as a dehumidifier in the rainy season; it can be used as a flashlight in dark environments.Two Ways to Operate?’ Comes with a remote control for remote operation. The button layout is the same as that of the operation panel, so anyone can easily operate it.Multi-scenario Application?’ It can be used in camping, picnics, offices, bedrooms, and so on. Note: Due to the double ventilation system, hot air should be exhausted outside as much as possible when used indoors. For example, the hot air vent should face out of the tent.PACKING LISTPortable air conditioner, body x 1, AC adapter x 1,Remote control x 1, instruction manual x 1,Exhaust pipe x 1,Base bracket x 4, Screws x 4,Drain pipe x 1, 24V Car cable x 13M)24V car cablePlease also note:We have developed large trucks (engineering trucks), long-distance freight trucks, small motorhomes, foreign large pickups used 24V connection line (these large vehicles are 24V cigarette lighter interface, and small cars are 12V), drivers can plug in the connection line we provide when resting after long-distance driving, open the key to the power supply directly use the car itself battery. Line length 3m; And we have a safety protection module on the cable, which is fuel efficient and quiet, And when the car drives, it will make up for the battery loss.Please note that this only applies to vehicles with 24V cigarette lighter, 12V cannot be usedExtracted from user experiences in other countries, for reference only



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