WOO! Tungsten Tungsten Drop Shot Weight Sinker - Green Pumpkin


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WOO! Tungsten Tungsten Drop Shot Weight Sinker – If you think fish don’t see that shiny hunk of metal you’re dragging along the bottom with a traditional drop shot weight, think again. Introducing INVISASHOT, a green pumpkin drop shot weight that blends into the bottom and helps you catch more fish! Like all of the weights, it is powder coated with high quality, chip resistant paint. WOO! Tungsten weights are made of 97% pure Tungsten which is smaller and more sensitive than lead. It’s also denser than lead and that density makes it louder, which gives you some extra sound as you’re dragging it across the bottom. And that extra sound means extra bites. Now tell me that doesn’t make you say WOO!


Woo! Tungsten

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