womens storm cuff gloves Kombi 360-21602-BLACK-M|WINTER ACCESSORIES


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KOMBI WOMEN’S STORM CUFF III GLOVES Kombi has been innovating and refining the glove-making craft for over a half century. The integration of technical performance with considered construction and thoughtful style are the roots of the Kombi brand. Gloves are essential equipment that must protect and perform. Protection from the outside elements along with style all wrapped up into this one amazing Kombi Storm Cuff III pair of ski gloves that have been designed with the latest and the greatest technologies. Designed specifically for women, this great fitting pair of gloves has the waterguard technology that will allow vapor to pass to the outside of the glove while preventing water from penetrating the inside. X-LOFT X-Loft is Kombi’s proprietary synthetic insulation. Superior warmth, loft, durability, and water-resistance combine to keep hands comfortable in the toughest conditions. Accu-Dri Accu-Dri is Kombi’s proprietary lining that wicks moisture and pushes it towards the shell to keep your hands dry and comfortable all day. TS Product TS products have features that enable easy interaction with touchscreen devices. Waterguard Waterguard is Kombi’s proprietary waterproof, breathable, windproof glove insert technology. The dynamic barrier allows sweat to get out and prevents water from getting in, keeping hands warmer and drier.

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