Women’s Patrol Gauntlet Gloves


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Hestra’s Patrol Gauntlet Gloves are a warm and durable women’s glove made from proofed Army Goat Leather. Removable polyester liner with G-loft insulation, making the liner easy to take out to dry or wash. Backhand in durable, polyester melange stretch fabric. Pull strap with Velcro closure around the wrist. PRODUCT FEATURES: Elastic around the wrist Handcuffs Snow lock Carabiner Eyelet Pull strap with Velcro closure 30600 , hestra patrol gauntlet gloves , hestra gauntlet gloves , hestra patrol gloves , hestra gauntlet patrol gloves , patrol gauntlet gloves hestra , hestra womens patrol gauntlet gloves , hestra womens gauntlet gloves , hestra womens patrol gloves , hestra womens gauntlet patrol gloves , womens patrol gauntlet gloves hestra , ski gloves , skiing gloves , snowboard gloves , snowboarding gloves , ski hats gloves , gloves , handwear , snowboarding , skiing , winter gloves , cold weather gloves , waterproof gloves , warm gloves , insulated gloves , ski accessories , skiing accessories , snowboard accessories , snowboarding accessories , hestra ski gloves , hestra skiing gloves , hestra snowboard gloves , hestra snowboarding gloves , hestra ski hats gloves , hestra gloves , hestra handwear , hestra snowboarding , hestra skiing , hestra winter gloves , hestra cold weather gloves , hestra waterproof gloves , hestra warm gloves , hestra insulated gloves , hestra ski accessories , hestra skiing accessories , hestra snowboard accessories , hestra snowboarding accessories , womens gloves , womens waterproof gloves , womens ski gloves , womens skiing gloves , womens snowboarding gloves , womens snowboard gloves

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