VMC TWCJ Twichin’ Skirted Jig – Glow After Hours UV


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VMC TWCJ Twichin’ Skirted Jig – TechSet technical locking curve maximizes hook sets and locks fish in place. Moon eye shaped jig head provides added control and balance for a variety of jigging, swimming, twitching and popping techniques. Premium rabbit hair body and strip tail with tinsel fibers, Flashabou and living silicone accents to enhance visual attraction. HOOK – TechSet Technical Locking Curve Maximizes Hook Sets and Locks Fish in Place X-Long Shank 2X Strong Forged Premium Hi Carbon Steel Needle Point Black Nickel finish JIG – Moon Eye Shaped Head Provides Added Control and Balance for a Variety of Jigging, Swimming, Twitching and Popping Techniques X Large 3D Holographic Eyes SKIRT – Premium Rabbit Hair Body and Strip Tail with Tinsel Fibers, Flashabou and Living Silicone Accents to Enhance Visual Attraction Natural Materials Maintain Their Shape, Offering a Larger Profile

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