VMC HVJ Hover Floating Jig Head – Fathead 1/0


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VMC HVJ Hover Floating Jig Head – The Hover Jig floats your live minnow, nightcrawler or leech about six inches above the lake or river bottom. Attach a split-shot weight to your line three to four feet above your Hover Jig, and then add a 1/4oz to 3/8oz sliding sinker above that for guaranteed action. Once rigged, the position of the line tie keeps the hook positioned upright, which is unique to VMC. The UV BRIGHT Finish Reflects More Light Energy, Strengthening the Lure’s Visibility HOOK – Built-In Trailer Hook Loop Forged Premium Hi Carbon Steel Needle Point JIG – Precision Balanced Floating Jig Head 3D Holographic Eyes

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