Umpqua Perform X Trout Leader - 7.5ft - 1x


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Umpqua Perform X Trout Leader – 7.5ft The idea started back in 1972, to provide the highest quality flies from the countries best tyers and bring them to your local fly shop and file these unique patterns into your box. Umpqua’s early soulful beginnings on the North Umpqua River were built with signature patterns from anglers like Dave Whitlock, Lefty Kreh, Randall Kauffman, Larry Dahlberg, Mike Lawson and others. Now Umpqua has grown their family to include 240 of the most influential tyers of yesterday and today whose flies push the envelope of creativity and success. Umpqua continues to drive innovation and carry that same inspiration from their flies – into hook design, pack innovation, fly storage and the tools you use riverside or at your desks.



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