Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leader 7.5' - 2X


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Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders – With Best-In-Class knot-strength, abrasion resistance and ultra-low visibility, Deceiver X is the premium standard in fluorocarbon material. This is your go-to leader when stealth is critical. These TroutLeaders, in all lengths, feature exclusive taper designs to ensure a perfect blend of stealth, power and delicacyEwith legendary Deceiver strength and stealth.Features Include:Deceiver X Fluorocarbon LeadersBest-In-Class knot-strengthBest-In-Class abrasion resistanceUltra-low visibilityDeceiver X is the premium standard in fluorocarbon materialLeaders in all lengthsFeature exclusive taper designs



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