Toor Knives Merchant 2.0 FL35T Folding Knife, 3.75in, Steel CPM S35VN, 6AL-4V Titanium, Stone


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Toor Knives Merchant 2.0 FL35T Folding Knife 3.75in Steel CPM S35VN 6AL-4V Titanium Stone. 0 has been updated with slimmer handles for less weight domed hardware and a deep carry pocket clip. This blade was originally designed as the ultimate everyday carry pocket workhorse. With an extra-high bevel grind that provides plenty of sharpening life this frame lock folding knife uses premium 6al-4v titanium precision-machined handle scales with a CPM S35VN blade. We custom-make every screw and back spacer in our manufacturing facility also using 6al-4v titanium. The blade rides on phosphor bronze washers giving it a smooth controlled folding action and our signature deep carry titanium pocket clips allow the knife to sit lower in the pocket for extra comfort when carrying.


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