Titan International Knives Damascus Walnut Handle Drop Point Blade Hunting Knife, 8 inch


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Titan International Knives Camp & Hike Damascus Walnut Handle Drop Point Blade Hunting Knife 8 Inch. It has the perfect sharpness to make your everyday utilitarian tasks an enjoyable experience.Perfect for hunting fishing hiking camping boating backpacking or any other outdoor adventure. It is also a key item to add to your survival tactical gearDamascus blades are hand forged through a process of layering melting and hammering. This results in each blade having a unique design or as some would say a fingerprint. Each every knife is truly one of a kind. Damascus steel has outstanding properties of strength and hardness. We amplify its properties by oil quenching it at 2100 deg F to cool it down fast and we do it twice to make sure its hard to its inner core to withstand any kind of work you may put it to use. It achieves a 58 or higher HRC on the Rockwell Scale.

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