Thill Crappie Cork Float – Pink/Yellow 1/16″


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Lindy Crappie Cork Float – The Crappie Cork takes the guesswork out of matching jig and cork sizes. The amount of weight that the cork will float is printed right on the brightly-colored Crappie Cork, a first in the industry! With the proper amount of weight, the cork floats on the lateral line, allowing you to detect even the lightest of bites. There is no need to purchase beads and bobber stops, because the Crappie Cork comes with the bobber stop on the cork already and has a special, small diameter insert that grabs the bobber stop so no beads are needed! Simplicity and brilliant innovation make this a staple for every tackle box. The spring on the bottom stem allows for fixed float rigging as well. Guide-tested hi-vis colors and sizes

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