Tady Lures Slow Pitch Hybrid Jigging Spoon – Blue Hologram Glow


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Tady Lures Slow Pitch Hybrid Jigging Spoon – Featuring bright colors, a reflective finish, and glow stripes, the Tady Lures Slow Pitch Hybrid Jig is ideal for night or deep-water fishing. Its sleek design allows it to drop fast, plus it’s easy to use with large reels and heavy line. Perfect for rockfish and yellowtail, this saltwater jig boasts a through-wire construction that means it can even be used to target bluefin. This jig is packaged with an assist hook set for fishing the bottom, but it can be easily rigged with larger assist hooks or even welded single hooks. Sleek design drops fast and works well with large reels Reflective finish and bright colors Glow stripes make it ideal for fishing at depth or at night Super-strong through-wire construction

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