Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket 2.9 Oz, 60x84in


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Survive Outdoors Longer Camp & Hike Emergency Blanket 2.9 Oz 60x84in 01401222. O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket. This heat reflective blanket was designed to provide life-saving warmth in bad weather while maintaining its durability. Made from a vacuum-metalized polyethylene the emergency blanket resists rips and tears so that it will not shred if nicked or punctured. It is quiet and wont crinkle in high winds while the high-visibility orange helps rescuers find you in all terrains. You can repair the blanket as well for a reusable outdoor blanket wherever you go. The blanket will reflect 90percent of body heat back to you and provides a windproof and waterproof survival shelter when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Sized to fit one person its big enough to wrap yourself in life-saving warmth. Stash the emergency blanket in your glove box survival gear bag or backpack to have a compact and lightweight survival tool. The versatile blanket is there when you need it the most for every emergency on all your adventures..

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