Strike King Tour Grade Weedless Ned Rig Jig Head – Black 3/16oz


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Strike King Tour Grade Weedless Ned Rig Jig Head – Featuring a unique head shape that makes almost any lure stand up and a sickle-type hook with wire keeper and weed guard. When fishing conditions are tough and the bass are pressured, the Ned Rig puts them in the boat. Ned Rig is a generic term for a jig/plastic combo that Ned Kehde made popular. Mr. Kehde is a fisherman from Kansas. According to much research, Ned fish’s mostly in his home state, and he’s usually on the water between the hours of 9: 00 a.m. and 3: 00 p.m. That window is usually not the best time of day to be fishing. Ned’s not as interested in big fish as much as he is interested in just getting bit, much like many of us. For that reason, he often employs a plain jig head tipped with a small piece of plastic. By employing this rig, even when fishing conditions aren’t optimum, he usually gets bit. And while largemouth are most often the target, many species of fish will eat a Ned Rig. This jig and plastic combo isn’t designed to catch big fish, numbers are what we’re after. The thing is though, when you catch a lot of fish, some of them are going to be larger than average. Unique head shape Sickle-type hook with wire keeper and weed guard 3-pack

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