Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating Bladed Swim Jig – Black/Blue


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Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating Bladed Swim Jig – The pros at Strike King wanted access to the best vibrating jig on the market. They had some very specific needs and were very discriminating about quality. From the snap, to the paint, to the hook, every single component had to be premium and serve a distinct purpose. After many revisions, and many prototypes, Strike King has finally been given the green light. Bladed swim jigs belong in every bass angler’s arsenal. Take a tip from the pros, and put a Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating Bladed Swim Jig on top. This meticulously configured premium jig took high honors during extensive testing by the Strike King Pro Team, and is now showing up in tournament boxes wherever bass swim. Its innovative design uses strictly top-line components and provides maximum swimming action, flash, and thump, with a superior hookup ratio. Fished fast or slow, up high or down deep, the Strike King Thunder Cricket Swim jig is sure to become your go-to swimmer when conditions are right. Owner Jungle Flipping Hook Available in 1/2, 5/8, 3/4oz. stainless steel painted blade Premium bladed swim jig Extensively tweaked and tested by Strike King pros Made with top-of-the-line components Maximum swimming action, flash, and thump Superior hookup ratio

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