Streamlight Twin-Task 1L LED Flashlight,Titanium,Blister Pack


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Streamlight Camp & Hike Twin-Task 1L LED Flashlighttitaniumblister Pack 51036. Clam packaged. Our Twin-Task family of flashlights was first designed to provide users with a combination of a LED light for maximum illumination and a xenon bulb for close-up work applications. Streamlight has come a long way since then and now we’re giving this line of flashlights an upgrade as well as adding a brand new model. – 240 Lumens (Spot beam): – 5.75 hour runtime (Flood beam): : : The new Twin-Task flashlights use two unique LEDs and feature combination spot and flood beams that can be used separately or together. The center spot beam uses traditional LED technology for distance lighting. The flood beam uses new LED technology to provide area lighting and an extended runtime.: : In addition each flashlight features one-handed switch functionality. Easily use one hand to press the push-button switch and select from the three modes: Spot only; Spot/Flood; and Flood only.



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