Streamlight 6-Unit Bank Charger, 230V Ac, Strion Flashlight, Black


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Streamlight Camp & Hike 6-Unit Bank Charger 230V Ac Strion Flashlight Black 74600. In a world where every second counts every millisecond that your light isn’t on and you need to react fast the Strion is a well-thought out and practical way to recharge all your Streamlight lights with one easy-to-use charger. Thanks to top-quality power conversion technology Streamlight 230V AC 6-Unit Bank Charger charges six hours at a time and puts the power in your hands. This Streamlight Flashlight Charger is constructed with a highly durable DuPont ultra tough nylon body and is a thing of beauty. Streamlight 230v Ac 6-Unit Bank Charger is the perfect solution for large multi-flash families and is an ideal solution for recharging two or more light sources simultaneously.



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