STKR Concepts Flexit Auto 180 Lumens Flexible/magnetic Flashlight


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STKR Concepts Camp & Hike Flexit Auto 180 Lumens Flexible/magnetic Flashlight 00344. The FLEXIT AUTO offers all the same flexibility of the original FLEXIT with an added focus on roadside illumination and safety.Just like the original FLEXIT the FLEXIT AUTO is a hands-free flexible LED flashlight. It is designed with an ultra-thin flexible body to allow an unlimited amount of light projections. The FLEXIT Auto features a durable Shape-Loc frame which makes it easy for users to bend fold wrap stick or hook the FLEXIT around objects to position and aim the light. The FLEXIT AUTO then takes usability a step further by adding a brand-new feature for roadside safety.When stuck on the side of the road with a broken-down car or flat tire the FLEXIT AUTO is the most innovative and useful flashlight to have on hand. The key safety feature of the FLEXIT AUTO is the rapid blinking hazard light. The FLEXIT AUTO has powerful red LEDs located on the back of the unit that flash rapidly to alert oncoming traffic of the users location. The red LEDs can be used independently or with the front flood light to illuminate the work area while simultaneously signaling others. Use the durable non-slip non-marring rubber base with two neodymium (rare earth) magnets in the base to mount the FLEXIT AUTO to the car and illuminate the work area or prop the FLEXIT AUTO up on the stable base to project light over the entire vehicle. With the FLEXIT AUTO one can safely work on your car at night while ensuring that other drivers are aware of your situation. 200 lumens powered by 3 AA batteries (included) the FLEXIT AUTO is always ready for emergency situations.


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