STKR Concepts Flexit 2.0 200 Lumen Flexible/magnetic Flashlight


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STKR Concepts Camp & Hike Flexit 2.0 200 Lumen Flexible/magnetic Flashlight 00112. Imagine having a light you could bend like a sheet of paper to focus or spread light all around. A light that would be able to wrap around tubes bend into tight corners and magnetically fasten securely to metal objects. A flood light that you could hold in your hand to illuminate a dark path or set on a coffee table to light up an entire room during a power outage. A slim work light that could easily slip into a tight engine compartment or behind a cramped stereo cabinet to switch out wires. A gooseneck task light that can easily be positioned to pinpoint a bright spot for small detailed repairs. A camping light that can wrap around a tent pole to light up the site or be tucked into your front backpack strap to light up the dark trail ahead. A directional light that can flood light across a room. STKR is proud to announce the release of this light and they call it the FLEXIT. The FLEXIT Light is a hands-free flexible LED task light. Its ultra-thin flexible silicone body allows an unlimited amount of light projections. The durable Shape-Loc frame makes it easy for users to bend fold wrap stick or hook the FLEXIT around objects to position and aim the light. FLEXIT uses 16 Lumen Tech LEDs boast 200 lumens of light with 4 light functions (High Med Low Hazard) and it can be bent into positions to create a focused spot or a broad flood light. The durable non-slip non-marring rubber base holds 3 AA batteries (included) the electronic switch and circuit two large neodymium (rare-earth) magnets and a loop to hang or mount the light.


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