STKR Concepts BAMFF 4.0XL- 400 Lumens Dual LED Flashlight, Black/ Red


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STKR Concepts Camp & Hike Bamff 4.0XL- 400 Lumens Dual LED Flashlight Black/ Red 00156. 0XL Flashlight is a large powerful tactical flashlight with 400 lumens of light output 400 of which come from dual Hi-Power LEDs that will increase your visibility in any situation. These Dual LED Flashlights from STKR bring long-distance visibility with a strong beam to remote areas while also allowing you to see what’s going on around you and increase your personal security with a strobe effect that could possibly disorient intruders. The STKR BAMFF 4.0XL LED Flashlight has 4 different lighting modes to fit your needs including a powerful long-distance beam that pierces the night sky and a brighter floody light for up-close area lighting – perfect for tactical situations. This is one of the most innovative and useful flashlights on the market and one of the brightest making it the perfect personal light for the hiker camper hiker police officer or military member. Choose the STKR Dual LED 4.0XL Tactical Flashlight for a high powered long-lasting light to carry with you every time you need it


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