Spypoint Link-Dark Cellular Trail Camera


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Enjoy 24/7 access to your trail camera photos without having to travel to retrieve your cards with the Spypoint® Link-Dark Cellular trail camera. Featuring cellular coverage with a pre-activated SIM card, the Link-Dark trail cam comes equipped with invisible LEDs and boasts a 0.7 second trigger speed and 80′ flash range. Additionally, the Link-Dark is fully configurable remotely and comes with BUCK TRACKER® antler recognition technology. FEATURES: VZN cellular coverage to allow for checking photos & managing set up remotely LTE enabled with pre-activated SIM card for fast and easy set up Free 30 days of unlimited photos & free monthly plan (100 photos/month) Invisible LEDs for capturing images without spooking game 2″ viewing screen for easy set up and camera checking in the field Completely configurable remotely with free LINK app BUCK TRACKER antler recognition technology Also perfect for use as a security camera for your camp, home, or business Trigger Speed: 0.7 seconds Flash Range: 80′


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