Sig Sauer Kilo3000BDX Rangefinder Binocular Olive Drab Green 10X42


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BEAT THE BULLET DROP WITH THE SIG SAUER KILO3000BDX RANGEFINDER BINOCULAR. Don’t let bullet drop get the best of you. Invest in the Sig Sauer Kilo3000BDX Rangefinder Binocular. Pairing directly with your scope, this Rangefinder setup sends impact point correction data directly to your scope. BDX employs Sig Sauer’s Ballistic Data Exchange (BDX) system, using ballistic info uploaded on the free BDX App, distance to target, and environmental data to determine where to aim to compensate for angle, bullet drop, and wind. The Applied Ballistics Ultralite feature has a bullet database and support for G1 and G7 coefficients. Input up to 25 ballistic profiles for the ammunition you use. The binocular also displays the holdover and windage information in MRAD and MOA, in your choice of angle-compensated or line-of-sight, for use with non-BDX scopes.Take a break from the tediousness of calculations and come to depend on this do-it-all optic. FEATURES Ranges up to 2 miles with the Revolutionary LightWave DSP Technology for the fastest and longest distance rangefinder engine 7x 25mm monocular with SpectraCoat anti-reflection coatings for superior light transmission and optical clarity HyperScan Technology provides 4 range updates per second in scan mode while RangeLock reports the last range result when ranging distant targets Embedded Applied Ballistics Elite with bullet database and support for G1/G7 and AB Custom Drag curves Temperature, pressure and humidity sensors for real-time environmental inputs to the embedded ballistic calculator Bluetooth 4.0 for synchronizing up to 4 custom ballistic profiles between the free SIG Ballistic App and rangefinder. Both Classic and Low Energy are supported for iOS and Android smartphones Advanced OLED display provides a smaller, extremely precise targeting circle along with milling features and ballistic info including holdover, angle, wind direction, wind speed, target mode, density altitude and shot angle Digital Compass / Magnetometer / Inclinometer provides magnetic heading and incline for long distance shooting and Coriolis adjustment Line of Sight or Angle Modified range in addition to full ballistic holdover and windage results in MIL or MOA Lumatic Display automatically calibrates display brightness to changing ambient light conditions Compact, lightweight magnesium housing with binocular style eyecup and diopter adjustment Sleek design for one-handed operation and lanyard attachment Free downloadable SIG Ballistic App for your smartphone. iOS and Android are supported Includes a smartphone wind meter, tripod adapter, and SIG Tactical pen/stylus TECH SPECS: 10x magnification 42mm objective lenses Compact roof prism design Proprietary SpectraCoat broadband, anti-reflection lens coatings reduce surface reflections across the entire visible spectrum 320′ field of view at 1000 yards Long 18mm eye relief Comfortable 4.2mm exit pupil Class 1M laser Effective range distance: reflective surfaces up to 5000 yards, trees up to 2000 yards, deer up to 1500 yards HyperScan mode refreshes range four times per second RangeLock displays the last range result when ranging distant targets Line of Sight (LOS) or Angle Modified Range (AMR) display/ranging options Full ballistic holdover and windage results in MRAD or MOA

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