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Imlay Canyon Gear Rope Silo — It does not take a lot of canyons to figure out that just having ropes is not enough. Canyoneers use ROPE BAGS to manage their rope for stuffing them, carrying them, and most of all, for deploying them. Good rope bags are an essential tool for elegant passage through the canyons. Imlay Rope Bags have been fine-tuned for performance in canyons. They feature enough floatation to float your rope (most likely); flow-through mesh for quick drainage; a flared-to-the-top and stiffened rim for easy stuffing; and a burly-but-light-weight construction for long life with minimum burdensomeness. Rope bags work best when stuffed about 80% full. Too much rope for the bag makes it awkward to use, and might mean is does not float! Size matters!

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