Rod-N-Bobb's Slotted Bobberstops - Chartreuse


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Rod-N-Bobb’s Slotted Bobberstops – Rod-N-Bobb’s new bobberstops now come complete with slotted sleeves! One of the problems with conventional bobberstops is that fishermen forget to take their non-slotted bobberstop sleeve off their line or they discard the sleeve the wrong way. They then have to take everything off of their line and start their rigging process all over. With Rod-N-Bobb’s new slotted sleeves this will never happen because the sleeves are now slotted! Another advantage is the sleeve can stay on the line until the entire slip-rig is assembled, a great advantage especially when trying to rig during windy conditions. Bobberstops come complete with colored Glow-in-the-Dark Beads!



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