PWR Modular Flashlights – Explorer 2000l


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These modular flashlights all double as power banks and can be used within the PWR ecosystem to power and charge your other devices. Overview The PWR Flashlights are an important part of the PWR ecosystem. They each double as a power bank for our Lightheads, Lanterns, and Speaker.They also provide power to charge our Bandicoot, Plus Lights, and any other device that needs charging! Done using the flashlight? Simply remove the light head and use the PWR Power Bank to connect another device’s charge cable to the female USB port on the front of the PWR Bank and plug the other end of the USB cable into an available powered USB port. To charge the PWR Power Banks, use a micro USB input to charge through any USB port or USB wall plug charger. Features & Benefits Modular design to both power the flashlight and charge your devices Designed for the elements and water resistant with the cap on Programmable modes with the ModeMaker App Battery level indicator Minimum 2 hour runtimes Runtimes can be up to 40 hours depending on power bank and mode USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery Included wrist strap Specifications & Runtimes: PWR Seeker PWR Camper PWR Trekker PWR Explorer Max Lumens 450lm 600lm 900lm 2000lm Min Runtime 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours Dimensions 5″x1.2″ 5.3″x1.2″ 5.4″x1.4″ 5.3″x1.9″ Weight 0.25lbs 0.35lbs 0.52lbs 0.75lbs Modular System No Yes Yes Yes Touch-Sensitive Battery Indicator No Yes Yes Yes Twist Operation No Yes Yes Yes



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