Pulsar PT26M20K 20V LiOn Cordless Multi-Tool


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Whatever the task, nothing beats having a cordless multi-tool at your disposal. Designed for cutting, sanding and scraping tight spots the Pulsar PT26M20K makes quick work of those hard-to-finish spots you’d otherwise miss. The powerful permanent magnet electric motor uses magnets imbedded in the surface of the motor’s rotor through a process called “high-frequency signal injection” to increase power without adding weight allowing the PT26M20K to operate at six different speeds ranging from 5000-20,000 RPMS, while the dynamic charging status indicator summarizes how much stored power is in the battery providing all the power, precision and performance you need, supported by both a common chassis that allows you to use the same battery on all Pulsar’s 20-volt hand-held and lawn and garden tools and a quick battery charger for fast turn-around time on any job.

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