Picasso Wacky Vibe Shakey Jig Head – Black


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Picasso Wacky Vibe Shakey Jig Head – The Picasso Wacky Vibe offers an innovative take on the traditional “wacky rig” with the addition of fish attracting vibration. The translucent blade is constructed from super lightweight circuit board material that starts moving immediately and adds vibration to your “Wacky” Rig with just a slight lift of the rod. Great for skipping docks and fishing deeper with the added tungsten weight versions. The tough circuit board blade will withstand heavier fishing lines and heavier action rods. Equipped with a super sharp Gamakatsu #1 hook. Also works great for Neko Rigs! Fishing Tip: For the ultimate fish attraction use a permanent marker to customize the color of the circuit board blade based on water clarity and time of year.

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