Picasso Tungsten Jika Vibe Long Throat Shakey Jig Head – Black 3/0


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Picasso Tungsten Jika Vibe Long Throat Shakey Jig Head – The design of the Tungsten Jika Vibe keeps your plastic bait off the bottom and out of the silt. The free-moving hook creates a live action of the plastic trailer. It can be rigged with any soft plastic trailer including worms, creature baits, lizards, and swimbaits. Being extremely versatile the Tungsten Jika Vibes’ tight action allows it to come right through eel grass and also flipped into heavier grass, fished on the bottom along creek channels, grass lines, ledges, and rocky points. It is also effective pitching into blowdowns and working through brush piles and other submerged cover where the bass typically hide. Try hopping the Jika Vibe along the bottom with slight lifts of the rod or use a steady retrieve to “tick” along thebottom. Equipped with a Japanese made Ryugi long throat hook to hold your plastics without interfering with swing. Larger wide gap hook accommodates larger plastics. Fishing Tip- For the ultimate fish attraction use a permanent marker to customize the color of the circuit board blade based on water clarity and time of year.

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