Petzl Shunt Rope Clamp


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Petzl Shunt Rope Clamp. Used below the rappel device the Petzl Shunt Rope Grab works as a rappel back-up and replaces self- jamming knots like the Prusik. The Petzl Shunt Rappel Grab works on single and double ropes. Specifications for Petzl Shunt Rope Grab: Weight: 188 g Material(s): aluminum frame Use on: single ropes 10-11 mm or double ropes 8-11 mm Certification(s): CE EN 567 Reference(s): B03 Features of Petzl Shunt Rappel Clamp: Easy to install on the rope Smooth clamping surfaces won t damage rope May be used to ascend single or doubled rope Package Contents: Petzl Shunt Rope Clamp/Grab Petzl Shunt Rope Clamp Petzl Shunt Rope Clamp

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