Petzl Parallel 10.5mm Rope


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Features of the Petzl Parallel 10.5mm Rope Small diameter ensures very good Performance in terms of flexibility and weight Low stretch when loaded, increasing efficiency at the start of a rope ascent Construction with nylon core and polyester sheath, with specific weave EverFlex Technology ensures great flexibility over time and under any conditions allowing it to maintain excellent handling and optimal Performance with devices Available in six colors for easy differentiation of working rope, safety rope and common access: White, yellow, black, blue, red and orange Standard lengths: 50, 100, 200 and 500 m Option of ordering a rope of a specified length (up to 700 m) Addition of sewn terminations manufactured on one or both ends, providing a ready-to-use rope These terminations have a protective sheath that keeps the connector in position and facilitates handling Fabric Details Polyester, Nylon

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