Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror 3x2 NEW SIGNAL MIRRORS


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Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror 3×2 NEW SIGNAL MIRRORS. An effective piece of survival gear will have you prepared for just about anything. And because of the Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror there’s never been a better time to get a hold of a great piece of survival gear. This bit of Emergency & Survival from Pathfinder is produced by using the resilient and trustworthy supplies you have come to count on from this popular manufacturer. Pathfinder has been a superstar in the survival field for many years and the Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror is the immediate result of their persistence for supplying the modern consumer goods that will keep them safe. Should you be looking for the ideally suited addition for your tool box of survival gear choose the Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror. Specifications for Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror: Manufacturer: Pathfinder Height: 2 in Width: 0.5 in Length: 3 in Weight: 0.1 lb Features of Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror Glows in the dark. Visible over 30 miles. Crosshair aiming. Integrated whistle. Acrylic construction. Hang packaged. Package Contents: Pathfinder Glowing Signal Mirror Pathfinder NEW SIGNAL MIRRORS: Glowing Signal Mirror 3×2



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