P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader Material


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P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader Material. The most obvious advantage of CFX Fluorocarbon is a more natural presentation to the fish. With its high abrasion resistancelow stretch factor and UV protectors it’s no wonder that when it wasintroduced the American Sportfishing Association awarded P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Best New Line Introduction of the Year. If you’re inconditions with line-shy leader-shy fish using CFX Fluorocarbon canmake the difference between excuses why they didn’t bite or the bragging rights of that catch of a lifetime. Specifications for P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader Material: Manufacturer: P-Line Length: 25 m Color: Clear Quantity: 1 Line Type: Fluorocarbon Leader Material Package Contents: P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader Material



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