Otter Pro Utility Sled - Black


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Otter Pro Utility Sled – Introducing the rugged and durable Otter Pro Utility Sled, which throws the kids toys to the wayside and brings the quality that active sportsman need out of their gear. With seamless surfaces and uniform thickness across the board Otter has produced one of the most durable sleds ever built. The processes used to manufacturer their ice sled have to meet strict tolerances and must distribute more material to help absorb the shock and stress where the sled gets it the most. The Otter Prod ice sled has a raised back to help increase the cargo security to prevent items from falling out during travel behind a snowmobile or ATV. The outer lip has been reinforced for strength and support to hold ties and rope better and creating extreme sidewall stability. Custom Compounded Polyethylene Construction Raised Front For Ultimate Snow Resistance Raised Rear For Cargo Security Reinforced Outer Lip For Strength Molded-In Hitch Pockets for unmatched pulling strength Molded-In High Performance Ribs with Hyfax Pockets for extreme durability Standard 5/16in Bottom



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