Oru Inlet Folding Kayak

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The Oru Inlet folding kayak is, quite simply, for everyone. Designed to be played with on flat water, this model’s features speak to paddlers of all skill levels and needs across the board. When not in use, the Inlet folds down into a box the size of a large tote bag. The new, compact design focuses on efficiency and will streamline your entire kayaking experience, from box to boat to water and back. Features: DURABILITY: Oru Kayaks are made from a custom polypropylene, with a 10 year UV treatment, and a 20,000 fold cycle rating! The double layered hull is designed to withstand sliding over smooth rocks or bumping into obstacles under the water. We recommend treating your Oru Kayak as you would a fiberglass, wood, or skin-on-frame kayak, avoiding unnecessary dragging or bumping and using the carry handles to lift. PERFORMANCE: Lightweight and extraordinarily strong, the Inlet is designed for flat water. Oru Kayaks use origami to deliver great tracking and stability. The lightweight materials make handling easy and responsive. PORTABILITY: Every fold of the Inlet kayak was designed to nest and fit perfectly, eliminating wasted space and make the smallest box possible. No garage, SUV or roof racks required. Stash it in a trunk, check it on a plane, store it behind your couch, or hike it into remote waters. Weighing under 20 pounds, this full-sized, hardshell kayak will fold down and carry like a guitar case. Specifications: Weight: 20 lbs Length: 10 ft Width: 30 in Kayak Box: 40″x19″x10″ Max Load: 250 lbs Open cockpit

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