Northland Thumper Jig Spin Jig Head – Silver Shiner


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Northland Fishing Tackle Thumper Spin Jig Jig Head – A proven producer of crappies, perch, walleyes, bass and trout. Tip with live bait and soft-plastic trailers. Cast and retrieve or troll at a slow to moderate speed, slow-rolling, fluttering and raising the jig for extra attraction. Bursts of speed may also trigger strikes. Also great for vertical jigging and drifting. Designed with a sleek minnow head & features a thumper belly blade that flickers, flashes & flutters to lure fish and entice ’em to strike Blood red Lip-Stick wounded bait hooks stimulate the bite A specially designed Barb-Wire bait-holding collar securely holds live bait & soft plastic trailers on hook

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