Northland Mr Walleye Willow Crawler Hauler Inline Spinner Rig – Silver Shiner


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Northland Mr Walleye Willow Crawler Hauler Lure Rig – Built for speed trolling big, suspended walleyes on the Great Lakes and beyond. Rig with a live nightcrawler or soft plastic worm and pull behind planer boards with dipsy divers, downriggers or snap weights. When trolled at crankbait speeds, twin willow blades flash, spin and violently shake the bait, imitating a school of open-water baitfish. Hand snelled needle-point hooks on durable 60in leader Meaty facetted beadsl Highly reflective profile Spinning and vibrating metallic FishScale attractor blades Nobody tinkers and modifies lures to catch more and bigger walleye than Mr. Walleye himself, Gary Roach. With his years of experience, the legendary walleye angler partnered with Team Northland to produce the most lethal live bait spinner rig in the country for extracting lunker walleyes from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. It’s called the…Mr.Walleye Crawler Hauler! Hand snelled with Needle-Point hooks, 17lb Bionic leader, meaty no. 6 facetted beads and a pair of holographic Baitfish-Image Willowleaf attractor blades

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