NEMO Switchback Sleeping Pad


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The NEMO Switchback Sleeping Pad is an ultralight sleeping pad made for all-season camping and backpacking. Those bumps might just look like your standard egg-crate design, but this pad Features a precision-cut layout that’s optimized for plush comfort and small packed size when folded. The closed-cell foam construction is super duper durable, so you won’t have to worry about babying your pad in the wild. Features of the NEMO Switchback Sleeping Pad 1.5x thicker while packing down to the same size and weight as the comPetition Ideal for adventures where weight and durability Matter, such as adventure racing and thru-hiking, as well as for providing extra Insulation in extreme cold Metalized film reduces heat loss to the ground Plush High-quality foam is thicker and more comfortable Durable and lightweight, improving on a classic piece of gear that has been untouched for decades

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