NEMO Equipment Forte 20 Sleeping Bag – Women’s, Tide Pool/Shaded Thistle, Regular, Right Zip


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NEMO Equipment Forte 20 Sleeping Bag – Women’s Tide Pool/Shaded Thistle Regular Right Zip. Forte has been updated with Primalofts lightweight ultra-lofty and supremely resilient RISE insulation featuring 80percent post-consumer recycled content. Fortes classic Spoon shape provides a generous cut at the elbows and knees so side sleepers can shift positions comfortably throughout the night.These 3-season backpacking bags are loaded with features including Thermo Gills that help regulate temperature during the night Blanket Fold that provides tucked-in comfort an integrated pillow pocket and a waterproof/breathable footbox to withstand tent condensation. Left-sided zippers on Mens and right-sided zippers on Womens allow Forte to zip together for a double version of these favorite synthetic sleeping bags.

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