Musky Innovations Nylon Mono Leader - Clear


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Musky Innovations Nylon Mono Leader – Increased pressure on waters that hold leader-shy trophy fish, demand a leader that will blend into its environment while withstanding the stress of high tech tackle. Musky Innovations Mono Nylon Leaders fit these demands. Loony leaders have very low stretch, but are able to handle the trophy fish when it makes its once-in-a-lifetime strike. Nylon produces more shock absorption than regular steel leaders. You’re able to set your hooks hard, wile reducing the chances of breaking your line or even your rod. this is due to the slight “give” that steel is prone to. Yes, our leader is thicker than regular steel leaders, but when used with high tech ultra-thin braided lines, deep diving crank baits will retain the depth needed to reach the large fish. Nylon’s thickness helps protect the hooked fish while doing battle since it will not cut them as steel is prone to do. Make leader shy fish catchable Stronger construction than steel leaders 150lb ball bearing swivels Will not kink Guide tested and approved Low stretch for greater sensativity Freshwater and saltwater safe Safer for fish


Musky Innovations

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