MSR Beta Saw


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The MSR Beta Saw is a Snow saw for testing and analyzing the Snow conditions up in the mountains. The 18.5 inch saw weighs in at only 7 ounces, Fitting into your pack with ease thanks to the Slim, flat blade. Don’t worry, you won’t have to jam it into your pack unprotected, it includes a welded sheath to prevent your pack and other gear from getting torn up along the way. As the aggressive teeth chaw their way through the Snow, you won’t have to guess the size of the column you’re cutting, with 1mm and 3mm crystal grids laser-etched into the side, as well as a 30cm indicator. I hope that Snow pack is ready for some serious skiing and adventuring. Final SALE: For safety reasons, we cannot accept returns on load-bearing Climbing equipment. Sorry for being so mean. Features of the MSR Beta Saw Fast: Aggressive Snow- and off-set Wood-cutting teeth tear through any task, while voids between teeth keep cutting path clear Ultralight Strength: Premium stainless steel blade delivers superior strength and stiffness Laser-etched 1 mm and 3 mm crystal grids, plus a 30 cm indicator for instantly identifying ideal Snow column width Ultra-packable: Flat blade slips easily into backpack sleeves or pockets, even those reserved for probes

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