Moultrie Mobile 6000 Cellular Trail Camera – 16MP


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Enjoy 24/7 access to your trail camera with the Moultrie Mobile 6000 Cellular Trail Camera. Able to send images from the field to your smart phone, the 6000 also allows you to control all of your settings remotely in addition to monitoring battery life and signal strength. Additionally, the 6000 is able to capture 16MP images and 1280x720p HD videos. FEATURES: Cellular trail camera that sends 16MP images to your smart phone or desktop Remote setting editing ability for maximum control over your camera 24/7 access to your images & settings via the Moultrie┬« Mobile app Able to capture accurate daytime images & clear, crisp nighttime images Managed memory feature eliminates oldest images to keep SD capturing images 0 sec/12 sec/30sec/1 min/5 min motion detection delay modes 1 & 3 photo multi-shot modes Image & video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Image Resolution: 16MP Video Resolution: 1280×720 HD Trigger Speed: 0.9 seconds Detection Range: 80′ Flash Range: 70′


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